ASJ Call for Papers

Fundación Internacional Artecittá has announced its peer-reviewed open access publication ASJ: Artecittá Synesthesia Journal. Issue No. 1 will focus on color, with abstracts due March 6th, 2017. The Journal publishes four types of contributions:
1. Theoretical essays (min 17,000 max 25,000 characters)
2. Educational experience (min 17,000 max 25,000 characters)
3. Collections of images, accompanied by a short text
4. Reviews on books and events (min 1,000 max 3,000 characters)

The Journal accepts original contributions in Spanish, English, Italian and French, provided with abstracts in the original language and English. The Journal will be released each year with its particular theme.
The early issues will be on:
1. Synesthesia & Color
2. Synesthesia & Translations
3. Synesthesia & Visual Music
4. Synesthesia & Creativity

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