The Synesthesia List, an excellent resource for synaesthetes, artists, and scientists, is moderated by Dr. Sean A. Day, president of IASAS.

The Synaesthesia Toolkit, a resource for educators, was created by Dr. Julia Simner and the MultiSense Synaesthesia Research Lab.

The Russian Synaesthesia Association is coordinated by our IASAS board member Anton V. Sidoroff-Dorso.

The United Kingdom Synaesthesia Association has actively supported synaesthetes, artists and scientists via their UKSA Annual Symposium. IASAS Vice President James Wannerton has been instrumental in the success of UKSA.

Vox Synaesthetica is the blog of writer and synaesthete CC Hart, IASAS Secretary.



Photo collage includes works by (from the top, clockwise) Rosy Long, Michelle Skinner, and Alexandra Daniel.


The EMU-Ensemble, a creative project of IASAS board member Christine Söffing, offers experimental music and art through the Musisches Zentrum Ulm University concerts, including sound-installations uniting art and science. 

Building Bridges Art Exchange is an international nonprofit arts organization and gallery that has partnerships with arts institutions and museums throughout the world. The director and founder, Marisa Caichiolo, is a world- renown curator and galleries.

The Synesthete Artists page on Facebook is an active resource for connecting a global community of artists with synaesthesia.

Appelusa McGlynn is a synaesthete, world champion roller skater, photographer, and voice-over artist. Appelusa continues to work tirelessly on behalf of IASAS.



The Synesthesia Battery offers online assessment of grapheme-color synaesthesia, time units-color synaesthesia, and chromesthesia. Additionally, the Synesthesia Battery connects synaesthetes with researchers studying synaesthesia.

Wiring the Brain, is a neuroscience blog created by Dr. Kevin Mitchell, developmental neurobiologist and IASAS board member.

There’s some fascinating synaesthesia research happening at The University of Sussex, led by research group leaders Dr. Julia Simner and Dr. Jamie Ward.