Russian News Agency Novosti’s new project, “Synaesthetes”

Russian News Agency Novosti, in collaboration with MSUPE and IASAS, produced a project “Synaesthetes”. This is a news story encompassing a longread, a three-episode podcast series and a VR-app, rolled in one.  To enjoy the world from synaesthetes’ point of view and different types of synaesthesia, you need to download the special app RIA Lab in either the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.

Download and listen to a series of podcasts, “Synaesthesia: Amazing stories about people with a phenomenon of perception”, which includes first person accounts of experiencing ‘the world and life’, told by synaesthetes themselves.

The page “Synaesthetes. They feel different” contains a longread article with the VR-elements reduced to video excerpts to give you the feel of the projects.