Russian News Agency Novosti’s new project, “Synaesthetes”

Russian News Agency Novosti, in collaboration with MSUPE and IASAS, produced a project “Synaesthetes”. This is a news story encompassing a longread, a three-episode podcast series and a VR-app, rolled in one.  To enjoy the world from synaesthetes’ point of view and different types of synaesthesia, you need to download the special app RIA Lab in either the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.

Download and listen to a series of podcasts, “Synaesthesia: Amazing stories about people with a phenomenon of perception”, which includes first person accounts of experiencing ‘the world and life’, told by synaesthetes themselves.

The page “Synaesthetes. They feel different” contains a longread article with the VR-elements reduced to video excerpts to give you the feel of the projects.

Welcome Michaela Wiesner!


The IASAS is honored to welcome Michaela Wiesner as our Membership Director. Michaela received a Master of Library and Information Sciences degree from the University of South Carolina in 2010. She obtained her Bachelor of Liberal Science degree from the University of Iowa in 2008. She currently works as an Assistant Branch Manager for the Dorchester County Library, in South Carolina; she has worked for this library system for 15 years, including previous work as a Children’s Services Librarian. She was born in Karlsruhe, Germany, and moved to the United States in 1989; she has also lived in Chungli, Taiwan, R.O.C., from 1997 to 2001. Michaela will be revamping the IASAS membership over the coming months, creating new opportunities for IASAS members, and fostering a stronger International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists community.

A Grand Collaboration



There’s a traditional Russian proverb that speaks to the value of alliances, coalitions, and teamwork:

“Бери́сь дру́жно, не бу́дет гру́зно”

“If all of us take hold of it together, it won’t feel so heavy” 

The IASAS is working diligently toward a grand collaboration in one of the world’s most captivating cities. Envision crisp air, leaves dappled in fall hues, as well as fewer tourists at Moscow’s remarkable museums and historical sites. Consider your many opportunities to hear the latest scientific findings on cross-modal perception, and to witness stunning art created by neurodivergent artists. Imagine a happy reunion with familiar colleagues, and a chance to make new friends within the synaesthesia community.

Autumn is one of the loveliest seasons to visit Moscow. Please join The International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists in October 2019 as we launch a series of events in beautiful Russia, including our Second Synaesthesia Symposium, hosted by Moscow State University of Psychology and Education.

The IASAS is delighted to partner with several exceptional organizations as we foster a grand collaboration celebrating the art and science of synaesthesia. We are honored to have the co-creative support and participation of:

Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory

Fundación Internacional Artecittà

United Kingdom Synesthesia Association

Russian Synesthesia Association

The American Synesthesia Association

Additional collaborators will be announced in the coming months, along with information about participating speakers, presenters, events, and venues.

We look forward to greeting you in Moscow with a warm Здравствуйте! You can learn more ways to say “hello” in Russian here.

CC Hart
IASAS Secretary

Los Angeles IASAS Events October 19th, 20th, and 21st 2017

IASAS has several wonderful events in Los Angeles California this month, all focused on synesthesia, art, and science.


Oct 19th 2017, 6PM: A reception and reading with Dr. Joel Salinas MD

The International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists is honored to present an evening with Dr. Joel Salinas, MD, author of Mirror Touch; notes from a doctor who can feel your pain. Dr. Salinas with read from his captivating memoir at the Building Bridges Art Exchange gallery in Santa Monica, California, where attendees with be immersed in a stellar installation of synaesthetic art. A reception co-hosted by the Art|Sci Center at UCLA and Building Bridges Art Exchange will follow Dr. Salinas’ reading.

Mirror-Touch: notes from a doctor who can feel your pain will be available for purchase at this October 19th event, courtesy of Diesel Bookstore Brentwood, who will operate a “pop-up” bookshop. Additionally, Dr. Salinas will autograph your edition of Mirror Touch, as time permits.

Oct 20th 2017, 8:00AM:  IASAS Synaesthesia Symposium Art|Sci Center 

The International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists is hosting its first synaesthesia symposium at the University of California, Los Angeles on Friday October 20th, 2017. This full day symposium is hosted in conjunction with the Art|Sci Center, and in collaboration with Building Bridges Art Exchange. The IASAS board of directors is honored to include an international gathering of scientists, researchers, and artists from various disciplines who will present academic papers on diverse topics related to synaesthesia and the synaesthetic experience. Complimentary registration is available via Eventbrite.

Oct 20th 2017, 7:00PM:  IASAS Synaesthesia Symposium Dinner 

A limited number of tickets for our symposium dinner are available here.



Oct 21st 2017, 5PM: Kaitlyn Hova in Concert at BBAX

Kaitlyn Hova is a professional violinist, composer, full stack web developer, designer, neuroscientist, and core team member of Women Who Code. She is also a synesthete. Together with her husband, Matt Hova, Kaitlyn co-founded the Synesthesia Network, a resource dedicated to helping people with synesthesia share their experiences and connect with researchers. Professionally, Kaitlyn has played violin for performances with Michael Bublé, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Mannheim Steamroller, Mary J. Blige, Josh Groban, Rod Stewart and more. “The Hovas” are also the creators of the Hovalin, an open source, 3D printable acoustic violin that helps STEM programs print their school’s music program.

For more about our upcoming events, check out our website.

California, here we come…

The International Association of Synaethetes, Artists, and Scientists is delighted to announce our 2017 events, scheduled for this coming autumn in lovely Los Angeles, California. Our fall events kick off September 22nd 2017 with a fascinating visual art installation at the Building Bridges Art Exchange in sunny Santa Monica, California.

IASAS is excited to assist in the production of a dynamic evening of music and dance, developed by IASAS dance curator Appelusa. In collaboration with Portrait XO and friends, this evening of performing arts is a rare opportunity to witness synaesthesia in action. Please join us on October 1st, 2017 at The Actor’s Gang in Culver City, California.

The IASAS board of directors has worked diligently to foster collaboration with the Art|Sci Center on the University of California, Los Angeles campus. Art|Sci will host our first IASAS Synaesthesia Symposium, slated for October 19th and 20th, 2017, which will coincide with an installation at the Art|Sci gallery. Our Keynote Speaker Dr. Joel Salinas MD, MBA will present on Thursday evening October 19th 2017. Special Guest Speaker Richard Cytowic, MD, MFA, and Keynote Lecturer Michael Banissy, PhD will each present on Friday October 20th 2017. Additionally, IASAS will include presentations at our symposium from a gathering of  influential researchers and scientists.

Our 2017 season closes with a performance and presentation on October 21st 2017 by the multi-talented synaesthete violinist Kaitlyn Hova.

Ticket information and symposium details, along with all other IASAS events will post by August 15th. Hope to see you in SoCal!




The IASAS is fortunate to have synesthete, researcher, and writer Dr. Joel Salinas MD as one of our founding members. We are delighted to announce the publication of his fascinating memoir Mirror-Touch: Notes from a Doctor Who Can Feel Your Pain.  You can find Mirror-Touch at your local bookstore, or via Amazon. You can learn more about Dr. Joel Salinas here.

Introducing Romke Rouw, IASAS Science Director

The International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists is honored to welcome Romke Rouw, PhD into the role of Science Director. Dr. Rouw is a professor at the University of Amsterdam, where she serves as a faculty member in the Brain and Cognition group in the Psychology department. She currently teaches graduate and undergraduate courses, gives lectures to academic and non-academic audiences, and performs cognitive and neuroscience research, with a focus on perception and sensation. Dr. Rouw has a specific interest and fascination for the surprisingly loose relationship between the stimulus input from our physical environment, and the rich sensations in our private mental world. Welcome Romke!

ASJ Call for Papers

Fundación Internacional Artecittá has announced its peer-reviewed open access publication ASJ: Artecittá Synesthesia Journal. Issue No. 1 will focus on color, with abstracts due March 6th, 2017. The Journal publishes four types of contributions:
1. Theoretical essays (min 17,000 max 25,000 characters)
2. Educational experience (min 17,000 max 25,000 characters)
3. Collections of images, accompanied by a short text
4. Reviews on books and events (min 1,000 max 3,000 characters)

The Journal accepts original contributions in Spanish, English, Italian and French, provided with abstracts in the original language and English. The Journal will be released each year with its particular theme.
The early issues will be on:
1. Synesthesia & Color
2. Synesthesia & Translations
3. Synesthesia & Visual Music
4. Synesthesia & Creativity

Join Us!

After several months of discussions, planning, establishing an international board, and developing a nonprofit structure, The International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists (IASAS) is accepting members. We are excited to be the first global organization focused on collaboration among synaesthetes, (people who have synaesthesia), the artists who create from synaesthetic perceptions, and the scientists who study cross-modal processing.

There are many fascinating and varied permutations IASAS nurtures: scientists who have synaesthesia, artists who aren’t synaesthetes but who create works that promote conflated sensations in their audience, synaesthetes who aren’t scientists but who participate as subjects in research studies. IASAS represents tremendous possibilities for cooperation and unity. Please join us and participate in the rise of an unprecedented alliance:

Moving forward….

The IASAS is moving forward with our plans to become a federally recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. We held our first quorum board meeting on Friday August 19th 2016, and are now just a few step away from bringing members into the International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists.  If you’d like to be informed when we open the organization to memberships, you can find our contact form here.